U.S. Diversity

U.S. Diversity

General Mills products are found in more than 100 countries around the globe. It is essential that our teams and our suppliers reflect the wide expanse of customers we serve. Diversity is built into our company. It helps us ensure that the ideas – and food – that we bring to the table will be the best in the world.

An Inclusive Workplace

General Mills creates a diverse workforce by recruiting the brightest talent from all communities.
We cultivate an inclusive environment by considering all dimensions of diversity – not just the primary areas such as gender, race and sexual orientation – but also cultural aspects including preferences, beliefs and communication styles. Furthermore, we foster inclusion by living all of our core values which include respecting, developing and investing in our employees.

Employee Networks & Councils

Across General Mills, you’ll find groups of people who are sharing their backgrounds and life experiences through different employee networks, affinity networks and inclusion councils. These groups are active, engaged members of our workforce and include people from all levels of the organization, from new hires to senior leadership.

Employees are invited to join any of the networks that appeal to them. Each one provides valuable opportunities for exchanging ideas and making new friends.

  • American Indian Council
  • Asian Heritage Network
  • Betty’s Family GLBT Network
  • Black Champions Network
  • Hispanic Network
  • Middle East and North Africa Network
  • South Asian Network
  • Veterans Network
  • 10 Women’s Network Groups
  • Women’s Officers Group
  • Multiple Division & Function-Specific Inclusion Councils

Download our Diversity & Inclusion Brochure (PDF*).

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