Working Here


At General Mills, we nourish lives by nourishing our communities around the globe. It is our responsibility to help the people – and the planet – in the locations where we live and work.

Helping People

The General Mills Foundation was created in 1954 to provide a way for us to contribute to causes that are important to us. Since the Foundation’s inception in 1954, General Mills has contributed more than $1 billion toward causes tied to education, the arts, hunger and nutrition wellness, and natural disasters. We provided $154 million to communities worldwide in 2013 alone. Our commitment to giving back is a big reason that General Mills has consistently been named in the Top 10 of Corporate Responsibility magazine’s “100 Best Corporate Citizens.”

Helping the Planet

Our goal is to continually reduce our environmental footprint. We focus our efforts on areas where we can have the greatest impact across our global operations. Major initiatives include sustainably sourcing raw materials and reducing our consumption of natural resources across the board.

In fact, since 2005, General Mills has reduced our consumption by measureable amounts throughout our organization:

  • Transportation Fuel Usage down 40%
  • Solid Waste Generation down 17%
  • Energy Usage down 11%
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions down 10%
  • Water Usage down 10%

Meanwhile, the innovative work of our packaging engineers and scientists has resulted in packaging improvements of 52 percent.

Download our Global Responsibility Report (PDF*).

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